All the talks from the Leaders Conference 2022 available here. For the two seminars see below:

Session 6: Julian Richards

Title: We can do it!

Julian rounds of the Conference with this encouragement:

Session 5: Paul Francis

Title: Random Spiritual thoughts that like one another.

Caring for your soul and being kind to yourself.

Session 4: Steve Ball

Title: When we don’t understand!

Trusting God in times of testing.

Lessons from Lazarus, centred around what happens when we just don’t understand!

Session 2: Sarah Richards

Title: Leadership Essentials

Insightful and practical leadership tools for the way forward. Sarah brings a prophetic talk about our future together in this post-pandemic season.

Session 1: Julian Richards

Title: Shepherds to Warriors

A faith building comment on what we see God is doing at this time.