The priorities of New Wine Cymru are Leadership, Church & Mission

New Wine Cymru works with leaders and churches to become increasingly equipped in 3 areas of missional effectiveness

1. Words

Jesus, our model of mission spoke a message, we are committed to the ongoing challenge of communicating effectively  Jesus and his teaching in 21st century culture.

2. Serving

Jesus came to earth doing good in a physical body in the world. As we, the body of Christ engage with the world, doing good, being salt and light, we follow Jesus’ example of mission. Our good works authenticating our message. Caring for our world, breaking down barriers and building bridges is an essential component of mission alongside the message that we proclaim.  

3. Power

The Gospels record Jesus healing the sick with prophetic insight on his day-to-day mission.  He empowered his disciples, both the 12 and the 72 to heal the sick, alongside proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. New Wine Cymru is committed to the healing and prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit, as modelled by Jesus.  Growing in a naturally supernatural model that is biblical, pastorally responsible and appropriate to this generation.