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We are living in a unique season of challenge that is also brimming with fresh possibilities. Because of Covid, death is being counted every day on our screens. Our mortality is more prominent and online searches for future certainty have increased. It is a perfect time to engage in discussion about life, death, and the future with some fascinating insights into the possibilities of what lies beyond this life. 

John Burke has been exploring the research about people’s near-death experiences for many years, and wrote the book Imagine Heaven explaining the findings. Since then, he has created many resources to share these insights and how they corelate to how heaven is described in the Bible. It is such a timely resource to invite people into a dialogue about what may lie ahead for each of us, and how the choices that we make in this life determine where we spend eternity.

New Wine Cymru invites you to join the Imagine Heaven Mission across Wales. 

This is how it works!


The Imagine Heaven Mission is a 6-part video course. The content is designed to provoke discussion and exploration around life after death, and how Jesus wants a relationship with every person.


The course is so flexible, that it can be used in person or online, in 6 weeks or any number of weeks you choose. It can be run as a group, as a church, or by individuals. The group watch the 10min video then discuss together the questions it provokes.


You can register here to be a part of the mission. 

Registration is £40 per church /organisation. Once registered you will receive a password to LOG IN to the Imagine Heaven website Resources section. This contains all that you need to run a mission and extra resources to go deeper as a church.


The Imagine Heaven website has 2 parts. An open public section, and a private Log In section.

1) LOG IN. After registering, you and all your team will have access to the 6 videos with discussion questions, plus, “How to run a Mission”, “How to run the Sessions”, John Burke Imagine Heaven sermon series, transcripts and exegeted bible study notes and all the resources you need.

John Burke ran a “What’s after Life?” mission with churches in his hometown of Austin, Texas (ATX), and has kindly allowed us to use his materials.

2) PUBLIC. The home page is instantly accessible to anyone who is searching for answers online, has been invited to a mission, or who has been reached by our Imagine Heaven Johns Gospel invites. They can watch videos and stories.

The search feature helps a guest locate a course running at a registered church near them. Or they can join in a registered zoom course from any location.


We have two great booklets key to your running of the mission, available in Resources once you Log In. (While stocks last; when they’re gone, they’re gone!)

1. “What’s after Life?” booklets. These are like gold dust! You may purchase up to a max of 300 at a discounted price of £1 each. Designed as a personal invite, they are a bite-sized version of John’s Imagine Heaven book.

2. Imagine Heaven Johns Gospel invites. The Gospel of John in a handy pocket-sized format, that includes an invitation to the Imagine Heaven website and to ‘join a course near you’. These are free for Wales, with grateful thanks to the Pocket Testament League, with up to 1,000 available per church for a more mass distribution appropriate to your own setting.

Summary: How to run a mission?

1. Register here.

2. Order your booklets.

3. Cast the vision to your church. (videos & story shorts to help, in Resources).

4. Create a distribution strategy for your church materials; personal / wider community.

5. Preparation; fast track or deep training with those who are going to run it, with all the training resources from the Log in section. It is very easy to do, no one needs to be an expert. 

6. Invite your guests.

7. Run your course.

8. Simultaneously plan follow up and discipleship e.g., Six /Alpha/ invite to church/special event.

Once registered you can then go to the website:

We are delighted to provide you with this brand new “how to” video. In under 5 minutes Matthew explains all you need to know to run an Imagine Heaven course, and how and where to access all the resources!

This is a fascinating subject, and a great nudge to discussion of what lies next beyond this life. All the best for your mission. It is good to partner with you in the gospel again. Together we continue to reach our nation with the best hope in uncertain times, the hope, love, and power of Jesus.  

God bless.

Julian & Sarah

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