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On Saturday 22 May we are delighted to be joining with our friends in South Korea to pray for our nations and the world together. 

You can join in with our YouTube Premier at 12pm. Zoom with us from 11.45am.

To join the New Wine Cymru Zoom, register here

This one-hour Prayer Event combines prayer and worship as we celebrate our shared history. Hosted by Julian & Sarah Richards, Paul Francis, Pastor Jacob Hahn of Seoul Full Gospel Church and other leaders in Wales.

How to join in the Wales & Korea Prayer Event.

  1. Join the New Wine Cymru Zoom

Join us from 11.45am on Zoom as we connect across Wales and South Korea together. Chatting, watching & praying as we tune in live to the Youtube Premier. You will need to run Zoom and YouTube simultaneously; this can be done on a laptop or you can use two separate devices.

2. Host your own Watch Party!

Why not organise your own online watch party with friends, family or church. Watch the event as it premiers on Youtube and pray together over Zoom in the prayer sections. 

3. Watch with your church

Gather together and watch the Youtube Premier in your church building. Following all the latest Covid-safety guidelines of course! Praying together in person in the prayer sections.

4. Catch-up anytime

You can watch the Wales-Korea Prayer Event on Youtube anytime from 12pm Saturday 22May. After the Live Premier has finished the video will remain on Youtube for you to catch-up at anytime.

May 22, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

To join the New Wine Cymru Zoom, register here