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February 9, 2023 @ 7:00 pm 8:15 pm


Everyone is invited to join us on Zoom, for the all Regions together event with special guest Mojtaba Hosseini

We are pleased to announce that Mojtaba Hosseini, from Open Door will be interviewed at this event over zoom.

Mojtaba is an inspiring leader who used to lead a House Church movement in Iran and suffered persecution and prison for his faith

This is a great opportunity for all our regions to come together and hear from this inspirational man.

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Special Guest: Mojtaba Hosseini

Mojtaba had a tough upbringing in Iran. Mojtaba gave his life to Christ and joined the local secret House Church, straight after seeing His brother become a Christian and how his life turnaround completely. A life changing experience. In a short period of time and after rapid church growth Mojtaba stepped into a leadership position in the Church.

In 2009, Mojtaba and eight other Christians were arrested and charged for Practicing Christianity in Iran. Thankfully he only received a probational sentence. Nevertheless, he had a strong conviction to carry on his work in the House Church. Then in 2012. He explains:

“On a cold winter day, the police raided the House Church meeting. It was terrible. The children were crying while the police officers were shouting at the parents. The other leaders and I were separated from the rest. Then we were thrown into prison.  

Mojtaba’s time in prison was full of uncertainties. He was incarcerated in a packed cell with some of the vilest criminals in Iran with terrible crimes to their case files. On top of that, the prison house seemed like an impregnable fortress. As prisoners, Mojtaba and other inmates were surrounded by walls to the extent that it seemed impossible to have access to Bibles.

Help came from an unexpected source. There was a prison Imam, who came daily to pray with the Muslim prisoners. Apparently, the imam was so impressed about the commitment of Mojtaba and other Christian inmates, that he decided to help them.One day, the Imam brought printouts of the Bible in English as an English lesson. One Christian who spoke English very well translated everything into Farsi, in a way that the Christian inmates were able to read and share the scriptures together.  

Mojtaba’s second prison sentence lasted three years. He was released in 2015, when He left Iran. He currently lives in the United Kingdom with his Hanna.