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February 26, 2021 @ 10:30 am 11:45 am

last session Friday 26 Feb

The Leadership journey with Paul Francis. Exploring;

  • Stories that shape
  • Creative arts that inspire
  • People that encourage and challenge

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Same time for 3 weeks during February

  • Thurs 11 Feb 10:30am
  • Fri 19 Feb 10:30am
  • Fri 26 Feb 10:30am

Paul says:

Using story to share lessons I have learned about leadership. Sharing my journey of leadership through stories that have shaped me, creative arts that have inspired me, and books & people that have encouraged and challenged me. From my childhood experiences to how my brain is wired, from brokenness to liberation, we will explore the influence of these and other factors on my spirituality and leadership. This will all be rooted in Scripture.

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Paul Francis

Paul has been in Leadership for over 30 years and currently leads Glenwood Church in Cardiff.

He is also a member of the NWC Core team and leads the South East Region