New Wine Cymru works with leaders and churches to see Wales once again transformed by the person, message and power of Jesus Christ.

New Wine Cymru seeks to develops leaders, who build healthy churches that do mission well!

New Wine Cymru Priorities: Leadership, Church & Mission


NWC connects and gathers leaders from across Wales for the purpose of leadership development, equipping, encouragement and collaborative mission.

Over 700 leaders from nearly every expression of church in Wales connect regularly through its various leadership forums.


The priority of local church is a high value of New Wine Cymru. We believe that the local church is a primary vehicle for the Kingdom of God. 

It is our aim to work together with leaders and their teams so that Wales is proliferated with healthy effective local churches.

We believe that the spiritual transformation of Wales will be enhanced as local churches engage in God’s Mission for their local communities as well as collaboratively together across the nation.


Mobilising the whole church across Wales into effective mission in a present-day Welsh context is a key strategy to see Wales transformed by the person, message and power of Jesus Christ.

How we do it.

NWC serves all of Wales with eight regional leadership networks. Each region has leadership days throughout the year complimented by regional and national events.

The New Wine Cymru regional leaders meet as the National Leadership Team, bringing cohesion across the nation of Wales. They are the National Apostolic team.

In addition, NWC has a Core Team that drives the mission of New Wine Cymru forward on day-to-day basis