Healing Cafes

Healing Café

The love of coffee, cake & conversation in an inviting ambience attracts thousands of people everyday in our coffee shop culture. Creating this relaxed environment is perfect for a healing café. Coffee, muffins, story and prayer. Use any venue, create a relaxed coffee shop experience. Share a few healing stories & pray around tables. People feel relaxed and at ease and open for prayer. See people healed and set free from pain and coming back for more.

The healing café can take place in an actual café or a church environment providing one can create the mood, provide the muffins and of course serve good coffee! Friends we know who are sick or in pain are invited to relax around the table experience.  Guests know exactly what they’re invited to; a short explanation of the concept and what folk can expect and a few prayers later you will be hearing stories of people being healed and set free. The evening is not a church service; it doesn’t involve singing or long sermons: just coffee, muffins, and prayer for sick friends by a friend.

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We’d like to suggest that churches follow best practice with regards to church events and to take professional advice where necessary. As you can appreciate NWC cannot take responsibility for these local church events.