Mission December

It’s nearly here!


Throughout all of December  NWC will be engaging in mission all across Wales.

Churches, cluster hubs and NWC Regions are invited to engage in mission at their own pace and rhythm during the month of December.

On 31 Dec we will collect together the news of what God has done once again across our nation.


In July we saw 3,351 people pray a prayer to start a journey of faith with Jesus on the streets of Wales in just 9 hours. In 17 locations over 120 churches joined together in simultaneous mission across the nation of Wales. Many thousands of people were talked to, heard the gospel, were prayed for, and in addition, there on the streets, 3,351 prayed a salvation prayer. This is a great start!

In May, a pilot mission was done in one location, before the main mission went across the nation; Over 6 days (6 hours) 374 people responded to the message of Jesus which was a great encouragement.

Then in September, throughout the month, various hubs and churches engaged in Mission in a rhythm that suited them. In 7 locations, during a further 21 hours on the streets, 155 people prayed a Prayer in response to the message of the Gospel

To date we have recorded then that 3880 people have responded to the Gospel on the streets of Wales. This is astonishing.


This is the season when people are more likely to say yes to an invitation to church than at any other time, so why not think about some great events and services that you can invite the people too, who are responding to Christ on the Streets

Once teams are on the streets as part of the Follow Up, an invitation to a great local Christmas event can be given to help people journey into church.  This works in tandem with other Follow up and dsicplsehip methods, like a one – one coffee and Alpha.

In this way, we are hoping to improve the connection between the street encounter and the transition to discipleship.

We are very excited about continuing the Mission to Wales through the December Mission to see all that God will do again in our nation.