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Healing Menu

A diverse menu of healing ideas has been created to assist your church and churches throughout Wales to engage in healing evangelism.

The Healing and Evangelism Menu has been designed with the un-churched in mind.  The aim is for local churches to provide a variety of opportunities for people to receive prayer for healing and discover Jesus in a natural, non-threatening and down-to-earth manner.

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. The healing menu concept is one that caters for diversity and flexibility whatever the size or shape of church. The various items on the Menu are low-cost for local churches to run, easy to organise and flexible in delivery. Choose from the menu as many activities or events that you think would be most suitable for your church and community.

It’s our vision to see hundreds of local churches engaging in creative and relevant ways of healing and evangelism on a regular basis. We aspire to see the Ministry of Kingdom Evangelism and Healing becoming a natural and regular part of the lifestyle of the local church.

How to get started;


Choose from the menu one or more healing models that would best suit your church and community.


We would like to support you in your chosen initiative with relevant training. Please register on the New Wine Cymru website with your church, contact details and menu choices so that we can send you details of training days in your region.


With a team from your church, attend one of the New Wine Cymru training days focused around your choice. The training days will be hosted and facilitated by designated churches across the New Wine Cymru regional networks. Some of the trainings may be a day event, while others will be a series of evenings. All training opportunities will be practical as well as informational teaching.  You will actually have the opportunity to be involved in healing and evangelism so you can take it back to your own setting.

Every Member Mobilised

We long to see hundreds of churches and their individual members equipped, competent and confident to pray for healing for anyone, anywhere and share Jesus wisely and effectively. We are hearing and seeing increasing numbers of non-churched people being healed after prayer. To this end we want to do what the Father is doing and give our efforts to training and releasing a whole army of everyday people to move powerfully in our everyday lives. In light of this, an ongoing training emphasis will be given to equipping thew whole church and every member in healing evangelism.


The role of New Wine Cymru in providing a Healing Menu is to excite and inspire churches to engage with healing and evangelism by providing some ideas and some training opportunities. We hope that this will be a catalyst to churches all over Wales to create ministry opportunities and events.

We’d like to suggest that churches follow best practice with regards to church events and to take professional advice where necessary. As you can appreciate NWC cannot take responsibility for these local church events.

God Bless all!


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