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Mission to Wales 2018

About the event


Throughout all of 2018  NWC will be engaging in mission all across Wales.

Churches, cluster hubs and NWC Regions are invited to engage in mission at their own pace and rhythm during the month of March.

During the month of March, 57 people responded to Jesus on the streets of Wales

Now in June all the hub locations will be doing Mission on the same four days

Mission to Wales 2018    Wed 27 – Sun 1 July

Churches and hubs are then invited to put on a special event on Sunday 1 july to invite people who have responded too!

We want to encourage you as churches to get involved and use it to invite as many people to great opportunities during the month. Mothers day on the 11th and Easter at the very end of the month.

This works in tandem with other Follow up and dsicplsehip methods, like a one – one coffee and Alpha.

In this way, we are hoping to improve the connection between the street encounter and the transition to discipleship.

We are very excited about continuing the Mission to Wales through 2018.

We are excited to see all that God will do again in our nation.

During last year, 2017

In 2017  4003 people have responded to the Gospel on the streets of Wales. This is astonishing

So far in in 2018, 57 people have responded to the offer of praying a prayer to Jesus on the streets

The is continuing to be very special